The Mindfulness Revolution is Here

  • You saw Mindfulness on the cover of Time Magazine in February
  • The 2500 year old Mindfulness tradition was named top 10 trends that will shape the world in 2014 & beyond (JWT Worldwide)
  • There are more than 3,000 journal published studies on it’s health and wellness benefits
  • Corporations like Google, Intel, Apple, Nike, AOL/Time Warner have successfully launched Mindfulness Programs

But mindfulness is more than just a meditation technique that focuses the mind, helps you make better choices and think happier thoughts. Mindfulness is a radical shift in perspective and a new way of being that can transform your relationship to yourself, your loved ones and the experience of living.

6-Week Mindful Immersion Training

In this 6-Week Course you’ll learn several formal meditation practices but more importantly you’ll receive coaching and weekly home practices to help you integrate the insights of meditation into your daily life.

  • Learn to respond skillfully to stress triggers rather than react in a habitually unhealthy way
  • Cultivate the courage to face your life rather than attempt to “fix” your problems or “fake it until you make it”.
  • Increase your capacity to savor food, appreciate your body and experience gratitude for the life you have
  • Deepen your ability to feel authentic compassion for others in your life
  • Be supported in unplugging for brief moments of stillness, silence and reflection throughout your busy day
  • Train your mind to hold broader perspectives
  • Approach old situations with a new sense of novelty and creativity

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